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Nothing Beats a Portable Coffee Grinder for Camping!

Imagine if you're going on a camping trip or somewhere near nature where electricity and power plugs are no where to be seen. This can be a nightmare for many people, especially for coffee lovers like us.

Each morning, you're craving for a fresh cup of coffee and regardless the type of coffee beans you bought with you on your journey, there is simply no way for you to grind these fresh beans because the coffee grinder you bought requires a very simple input...POWER! Something you will be heavily missed for the duration of your trip.

Every day, you have to stick to those instant coffee powders....which really just taste like crap....especially for people like us who have high expectations of our caffeine taste. All of a sudden, you feel like something is missing, heavily lacking and regardless how fun your holiday plan was....you just don't seem to have that extra edge....to do the extra activity.

Doesn't this sound familiar?

Don't know about you, but we certainly have gone through this empty feeling before and that's why we like to emphasize the importance of having a portable coffee grinder! This is an extremely useful and handy piece of equipment that can certainly help you lift your day, allowing you to enjoy what's more important on your trip....like having FUN!

There are many types of portable coffee grinders on the market and most of them are for manual grinding. This means that you will not require any power (electricity) in order for the grinder to function properly. What you may not realize however, is that most of these manual grinders are based on the burr grinding system.

Yes, this means you can achieve what a normal burr grinder is able to achieve, but the only thing is you will need to rotate the handle yourself and manually crushing the fresh beans that goes through the burr mills.....one step at a time.

If you've been browsing our website for a while, you should already know how good a burr system is and why we highly recommend. This is not to say that other systems are bad....it's just that we believe conical burr grinding produce the best grinds in terms of consistency and fineness, something that is very important if you want your coffee to taste real good....up to commercial standard.

Now just imagine if you can have one of this on your camping trip?

Nothing beats it....right?

Not only is one of this device small, light weighted and very portable.....it is also very cheap making it ideal for camping. and for a decent one, you are looking at roughly between $20-$50, which is really nothing compare to the convenience and freshness you're able to enjoy.

Here's one from Lexan JavaGrind TM we highly recommend (Price at around $25).

Lexan JavaGrind Portable Coffee Grinder

Here's the link to get one!

This is a manual conical burr grinder which weights less than 1kg (0.32kg to be exact) and is measured 13.5cm width and 10.2cm height...making it extremely portable for backpackers, hikers, couples or families who's going on a camping or mountain trip. It's ceramic design makes it very durable and it's adjustable conical burr allows it's user to easily set it's grind size depending on personal preference. Through it's adjustable handle, you're able to achieve fine grounds for drip use to coarser grinds if you ever feel like a french press.

So...there you have it folks!

If work has been getting too stressful and you feel like having a nature's trip by yourself, with your partner, with your kids, wife or other family members....where you can get away from city life. Make sure you buy yourself a portable coffee grinder, because at the end of the day, if there is one thing you'll miss from your daily working lives, it'll definitely be that fresh cup of coffee each morning as you make way to work....right?

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