Ascaso I1 & I2 Coffee Grinder

Ascaso I1 & I2 Coffee Grinder

Ascaso is one of the biggest coffee machine manufacturer in the world with over 50 years experience in manufacturing high quality coffee grinders and makers. As you can see from the picture on your left, these two coffee grinders looks almost identical, in fact they are identical. However, if you look inside it’s mechanism, you will notice a major difference between the two.

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Ascaso I1 & I2 Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • One-Touch Operation: The Cuisinart Coffee Grinder offers a simple and convenient one-touch automatic operation, making it easy to grind your coffee beans with minimal effort.
  • Burr Grinding: Featuring a high-quality burr grinder, this machine ensures consistent and uniform grinding, resulting in a superior coffee flavor and aroma.

Ascaso I1 & I2 Coffee Grinder

This is one of a kind “Superior Grinding System” that is exclusive to Ascaso. This system is designed to add precise measurements into the adjustment of grind size, hence controlling the consistancy in a manner that is unmatched, and is vitally important for espresso.

They use different types of burr…

I-1 model = Flat Burr = around $320

I-2 model = Cornical Burr = around $255

What are the differences between the two burrs?


The flat burr is best known for grinding espresso and it operates by rotating 2 flat burr plates around each other. The beans are passed through between the metal plates and the fineness of the ground depends on the distance between the two plates. The flat burr grinder rotates at a higher speed than the cornical grinder, and therefore are more welcomed by commercial companies.


The conical burr are the most popular between the two. Not only are they designed to rotate at a slower speed, they are commonly used to grind a variety of grounds, from turkish to french press. Similarly, they operate by spinning 2 conical burrs together while the coffee beans goes through this mechanism for desired ground size.

Everything else is pretty much the same and here are their features:

Large hopper that can store up to 1.3 Pounds of Roasted Coffee Beans

This is one of the most exciting feature about the Ascaso I-1 and I-2. There is absolutely no need for you to keep refilling the hopper as you have enough beans to grind approximately 60 shots of espresso and several full pots of coffee.
Simple control that allows you to dictate the perfect quantity!

After switching on the main power (from the side), there is an on/off button underneath the dispensing coffee chute. The button is spring-loaded and when pushed against, the grinder will start grinding and fresh coffee grounds will be funnel out of the chute, and when released or not pushed against, it’ll turn off itself.

This is a fantastic way for you to measure the amount of gound you need. All you need to do is place your coffee holder/filter for your espresso machine or any container you wish to store your coffee against the button, and when you feel you have the right amount, you simply take it out and the machine will stop itself.


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As you know by now that the I-1 uses a flat burr and I-2 uses a conical burr, it is really not too hard to decide between the 2. While some suggests that the flat burr grinds better espresso, there really aren’t much proof to support the claim. The fact that they both are quality burr grinders that have basically the same features, there is a gap between the price line.

Honestly, we think conical burrs are better and for the cheaper price, the I-2 model is really a better option to get, especially for home use. However, there are always going to be people arguing about the benefits between the 2 burrs. The debate will always go on…so therefore, it’s really up to you to decide.

I-1 model = Flat Burr = around $320

I-2 model = Cornical Burr = around $255