The Importance of an Anti-Static Grinder!

Anti static grinder

Do you want a messy kitchen bench top with coffee grinds everywhere?

No…then when it comes to choosing a coffee grinder for your daily habit, you should immediately look at it’s anti-static feature to ensure you’re getting minimal dusts and mess while the machine is running.

One of the most often neglected aspect is the coffee dusts that flies around the kitchen whenever you grind your coffee.

You may not realize however that these flying dusts can indeed destroy the final taste. Yes, these bitter pieces of dusts are usually created whenever you switch the grinder on and the static that the machine produce will attract the dusts into other unwanted areas inside your kitchen.

Anti static grinder

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Anti-Static Grinder

An advantage in choosing a grinder that comes with antistatic technology is that you will not get hit by electric shocks which can often bring minimal pain to the body part which you use to touch the machine (For example. your hand, fingers, arm etc).

There is also another benefit of owning an anti-static burr grinder because this means there will be less mess for you to clean. Yes completely reduced mess because you see, these dusts can fly over your bench tops and floor boards and if attracted to water, it can leave unwanted stains which usually requires focus cleaning to get rid of.

Avoid being SHOCKED by your often used kitchen appliance!

While there is no prove that electric shocks generated by statics are harmful to human body, this is however something you want to avoid as it can produce some shocking pain which if a child was involved, it can leave a mental scar which prevents them to get in contact with any form of electronics in the future.

Think about this!

Say if you own a coffee shop that’s serving beverages to hundreds of customers each day, if your grinder doesn’t come with anti-static functions, it can literally produce a large amount of coffee dusts, flying around the shop. Desregarding the cleaning bit, this can be bad for customers who have asthma which if trigger by the floating dusts around your shop front, it can result in extensive caring in your part and possible compensation, which is something any business owners are afraid of.

Yes, and what about the electricity shocks that may happened during business hours? You see, all these little scenarios can be avoided if you choose the right burr grinder to start with. Just ask your sales representatives for one that can minimize all the fuss and risks that we have described above. Ask for this special anti static function because you know how important it is!