Gaggia MDF Commercial Strength Coffee Grinder

Gaggia MDF Commercial Strength Coffee Grinder

If noise and mess is something you cannot tolerate, then this may be the best investment you ever made in terms of buying a grinder that have actually reduced both of these issues, gets the job done and that actually last..

Gaggia MDF Commercial Strength Coffee Grinder

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Gaggia MDF Commercial Strength Coffee Grinder

It’s 50mm burrs are made from commercial materials that’s proven to provide maximum durability. The 120 watts motor is one of the best coupled with silky smooth gear reduction system to provide maximum torque power with the least amount of noise.

Let’s take a look at it’s features:

It comes with 34 levels of precision grinding adjustment system.

While most users don’t require a lot of grind controls, this machine offers up to 34 levels of precise grind settings that allows it’s user the freedom to prepare ground coffee for espresso, drip to coarser grinds such as the french press.

Commercial strength Burr with 120 watts motor!

That’s right, you will not be getting those high pitch scratching noises as much as the other grinders, while able to enjoy those consistent grind that generates almost no static. You will realize how important this is when it comes to cleaning the surrounding bench tops (flying dust) and inside the machine.

Dosing coffee has never been so easy!

While the actual grinding process is a pleasure, the dosing bit has also been made both easy and user-friendly. The coffee ground container near the dosing area can hold up to 8 ounces of ground coffee. This section itself is attached to a handle and once pulled, it’ll dispense approximate 7 grams of coffee grounds into your coffee portafilter, which is equivalent to approx. 1 shot of espresso.

This is a perfect way to transfer your coffee ground to your espresso or coffee machine. For a double shot, all you need to do is pull the handle twice and it’ll dispense the right amount of quantity directly into the container, making the whole process relatively simple.

Decent size machine with a decent size hopper!

The hopper is where the coffee beans are stored initially before it gets grind and the hopper on this burr grinder can hold up to 10 oz of coffee beans. The dimension of the unit itself is 11.5″ height, 4.5″ wide and 8.5″ deep, so that’s plenty of coffee to grind without the hassle of refilling constantly.


While there are similar options if you’re willing to pay for the price range, the Gaggia MDF coffee grinder stands itself out by putting the customer’s peace of mind in 1st place. The fact that it generates less noise (less annoying) and less static (easier to clean up) is already a major selling point putting itself above some of it’s competitors.