Nemox LUX Plus Burr Grinder

Nemox LUX Plus Burr Grinder

Another highly recommended conical burr grinder that you will not regret buying. While this may not be as popular as some of the models mentioned on this website. There has been very good reviews written about this grinder by many users and most are in fact, extremely happy with their purchase.

Nemox LUX Plus Burr Grinder

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Nemox LUX Plus Burr Grinder

This coffee buddy is elegant looking in every way with it’s stainless steel surrounding making it ideal and easy to match up with other electrical appliances in your kitchen bench top.

Let’s take a look at some features:

Quality Tempered Steel Burr that is made to last!

One of the major selling point about this machine is the hardened, tempered steel cornical burrs that has been proven to perform for a very long time. These cornical burrs are capable of grinding your coffee beans to exactly the right particle size leaving no reason for the user to whinge about it’s ability.

Powerful Motor equipped with reduction system!

We all know that heat destroys the natural taste of coffee beans and might even burn them making it unuseable altogether. That’s why a low mill grinding speed is vitally important to get the best out of your beans. With the reduction system intact, this grinder allows the speed to be reduced from 10200 to 800 RPM making it an ideal choice for many coffee lovers.

Here’s a little tip for those who want things stepless!

Here’s an exclusive tip for all you lazy people (including myself of course…) who prefer things stepless. Yes, this is exclusive for those who owns a Nemox Lux plus grinder and you may be surprise at how helpful this tip really is.

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This is another quality grinder we simply cannot leave out. According to our research, this grinder does produce a bit of noise and static…however, there is absolutely no problems with it’s grind quality, hence making it one of the best in producing consistant coffee grounds. Also, we’ve notice a place where you can get it cheaper too!