Mazzer Mini Type A Electronic silver Doserless Flat Grinder

Mazzer Mini Type A Electronic silver Doserless Flat Grinder

Mazzer Mini Type A Electronic Grinder is a serious coffee grinder designed for anyone who demands commercial grade espresso quality. It has an elegant solid body, a digital touch display panel and an adjustable micro-metrical stepless grinding mechanism that will give you the most precision grinding without you breaking a sweat.

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Mazzer Mini Type A Electronic silver Doserless Flat Grinder

Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder – Silver

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Salient Features

  • Precision Grinding: Electronic dosing for accurate and customizable grind settings.
  • Commercial Quality: Built with durable materials for long-lasting performance.

That’s right! Tweaking the perfect grind with the Mazzer Mini Type A electronic grinder is a breeze so you will not be wasting time and coffee beans repeatedly trying to locate and tune that desirable adjustment. If you noticed the the of this model, it is exactly what it is, “MINI” because it is a very compact machine that only measures approx. 36cm in length making it extremely versatile to fit inside any kitchen settings.

Mazzer Mini Flat Grinder

Even though this is not a very big unit, it does have a large and powerful 64mm flat burr inbuilt operating up to 1600 RPM giving you the speed you need without jeopardising the ground quality. The hopper size is perfect storing up to 600g of beans and you also have the option to order a smaller version. Depending on your needs, a doserless coffee grinder is perfect for any home use where the consumption level is dramatically lower than a commercial needs such as a coffee shop or a cafe.

Let’s check out some of its specs and features:

Before we get into more specific details of this product, we want you to understand that this is NOT your average burr grinder and definitely not one that you can purchase easily on the streets. In fact, this is one of the most expensive coffee grinder on the market so if your budget is low, then this product may not be what you’re looking for.

6.4cm High-Quality Flat Burr

So the debate will always be there in regards to the best type of burr on the market. So will it be conical or flat? Take the guess work out of this because we noticed that the dearer range of grinders mostly use flat burr instead of conical. The reason? They simply last longer and because this size burr has a rather large surface, it does not require a very high speed to finish off the grinding.

600g Coffee Beans Container

Forget refilling your hopper everyday as this model holds up to 600g of coffee beans. Working together with your automatic dosing and dispensing settings, it will last you enough while keeping the taste fresh.

Simple Digital Dosing Control

If you don’t like controls that are too complicated, then you will be happy to know that the Mazzer Mini comes with a digital control allowing programmable volumes to be released précisely to your individual needs.

Easy adjustment of coffee quantity

You can set your grind dose to 1 cup or 2 cup using the touch settings and it also lets you predetermine the amount of ground for individual cups giving you the ultimate control for releasing the exact amount of ground for that perfect cup. Furthermore, you can easily fit your portafilter onto the shaft for completely handsfree operation.


Any coffee lovers can tell you the importance of precision grinding and how it can affect the outcome of your espresso. With the Mazzer Mini Electronic coffee grinder, you can rest assure that you will get the best grind each and every time. With the dose adjustment range from 9g to 19g and the flat burr operating at 1500-1600 r.p.m depending on the hz, you can sort of imagine the freedom you are given here.

Of course, great precision also comes with a heavy price tag so we must be honest with you that this is indeed NOT a cheap coffee grinding machine and because of this, Mazzer have produced 3 different styles that’s made with quality steel including the black finish, polish chrome and then of course the ever popular stainless steel silver finish.