Should I buy a Burr Grinder Online or Department Store?

Online vs offline shopping of burr grinder

With the modern technology, particularly the internet has allow many shoppers the convenience of buying from the comfort of their own home. But is this always the best option to take when making your purchase or are there other issues you need to consider when looking for a burr coffee grinder for your coffee brewing journey.

For us, we highly recommend shoppers to do some window shopping before you make any buying decisions. This is particularly true when purchasing a coffee grinder. There are a lot of things to look at and just by looking at a picture that is posted on the website is not enough to tell how well it fits into your kitchen.

Online vs offline shopping of burr grinder

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Online vs offline shopping of burr grinder

The debate on shopping online or from a department store or shop has always been a question on many buyers mind. We have decided the help you break up the cons and pros in the hope that you will get the best burr grinders at the best possible price.

1) Grinder Size

This is one very important aspect when buying a grinder for your home use. The size of the machine can make a huge difference as to how well it fits inside your kitchen. If it’s too big, then you will have trouble moving all the other electrical appliances just to fit the grinder in a more suitable area. There is nothing better than looking at a product physically with your own eyes, so you can make adjustments according to the actual size and where the burr grinder will sit on the kitchen bench.

2) Grinder Color

The color of your grinder can add life to your kitchen or stand out as a machine that simply doesn’t fit in. Say all your kitchen appliances (e.g your toaster, water boiler etc) have a theme of red in it’s colors. You will want to find a coffee grinder that comes in red, so that you can match the whole theme. Even if it doesn’t come in red, you will want to try other colors and match it to the red (say…black), so that it’ll still looks good and give you the modern feel inside your home. Now, mixing and matching is not something you can do online, this is however something you can certainly do in a shop or store.

3) Price

If you compare a burr grinder price online with the price you get from a shop, you’re almost certain to get the cheaper prices online. However, there are certain issues you need to look at because when you purchase goods online. You’re almost certain to pay additional prices for shipping and handling. This fee alone can sometimes work out to be the same as if you were to buy it from a department store. Another aspect you need to look at would be the warranty.

4) Security

This is also an issue when buying online. You will tend to use the credit card for processing payments. Always check the website to ensure it is secure and that your private information will never be release to the public (check their privacy policy). Also, make sure that their shopping cart or site comes with a security encryption certificate to process payment. This allows your payment details to be encrypted before process. You can check by looking at your browser for a padlock icon. If the website doesn’t have one, do not enter your personal details and do not buy from them as it is not secure! On the other hand, you won’t this problem buying from a store.

5) Auction Site

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind getting second hand goods online. Then you should check out the auction websites that are available online (e.g ebay) because you’re always gonna get a cheap and discounted price compare to brand new ones. You can find lots of burr grinders (new and used) from auction sites, but the key things to look at when buying from these places would be the sellers reputation. Always check their reviews and reputations to ensure they are legitimate sellers to avoid getting rip off.

As we mentioned time and time again, the debate between buying online and department store or shops will always go on. The last thing it comes down to is the price and usually, you will find that online prices are cheaper than store pricings. However, if you’re looking for a burr grinder, we highly suggest you to check out the item physically, make sure it’s the right size, color and right grinder that you can use in your brewing journey. Then if you really rather purchase it online, double check the security of the online shop, it’s privacy and warranty information, then you should have no trouble